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Парочка любопытных работ в мире NFT – The Cinematic Cyberverse

“Immerse yourself in the ethereal realm of ‘Cybernetic Devotion:Virgin’s Prayer: Synthetic Purity.
Witness the fusion of ancient reverence and futuristic allure as a cybernetic virgin, adorned in obsidian lace and gilded edges, enters a mesmerizing VR trance.
Her form, a symphony of circuitry, emanates a delicate power, crowned with spikes aglow with pulsating energy.
In this digital sanctum, tradition and technology converge, inviting you to own a masterpiece where spiritual serenity dances with neon innovation.
Elevate your collection with an NFT that encapsulates the essence of past, present, and cybernetic future.”

This is a tribute to one of cinema’s greatest ever monologues, delivered by Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty in Blade Runner, which is based on Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep?’

The story ponders what it means to be human, and asks questions about reality in which lines between what’s real and what’s artificial isn’t clear.

Often the androids (artificial life forms who resemble humans), who are used as slaves by humanity, are more human than the humans who are often brutal and makes inhuman decisions.

What does it mean to live?
The androids are programmed live short lives, but in their short lives they have seen and experienced more than what most humans can only dream of. These are all moments that are very real to the artificial life forms (the androids).

The scene is painted to look smudgy, undefined and wet, like a blurry memory.

The art and animation is drawn by hand, frame by frame.
The voice and piano is also performed by the artist Choen Lee.

Choen Lee is one of the ten finalists of the XIV Florence Biennale Open Call contest.


Работы представлены в рамках выставки:
The Cinematic Cyberverse seamlessly blends the allure of cinematic artistry with the gritty, futuristic world of Cyberpunk. https://superrare.com/spaces/montage/gallery?id=110&idx=10

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